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Well-being at Goffs

We all have mental health, just as we all have physical health.

We know that mental health is a fundamental coping mechanism for life's challenges.  Those who are emotionally healthy can control their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, developing the ability to think clearly, learn new skills and develop socially.  

At Goffs Oak Primary School, promoting a mentally healthy community is at the heart of everything we do.  We work together through challenging times, celebrate achievements, share positivity, and ensure that everyone, pupils, staff, parents/carers, and the wider community feels supported, valued, empowered, and accepted.   

We encourage our children to develop strategies for good mental health and create environments in which they can flourish.  We aim to prepare them with knowledge and understanding, strategies and tools to support them beyond the classroom and throughout their lives. PSHCE lessons provide safe spaces for children to discuss general issues and to recommend healthy ways to work through them.  

Working towards and subsequently achieving the kite mark for Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health in Hertfordshire has ensured a consistent approach to our school-based approach to mental health. 



An NHS survey from 2017 showed that: ​

  • Half of those with lifetime mental health problems first experience symptoms by the age of 14.
  • In 2017 one in eight 5 to 19 year olds had a mental disorder.
  • One in 20 (5%) of 5 to 19 year olds met the criteria for two or more mental disorders at the time.
  • Emotional disorders have become more common rising from 4.3% in 1999 to 5.8% in 2017.