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School Logo

Goffs Oak Primary and Nursery School

Believe, Achieve, Care

School Values

Values & Ethos

Our aims:


  • To create a happy school environment and to encourage children to live in harmony with home, school, the immediate and the wider community.
  • To challenge children to develop independent, lively and inquiring minds, to foster their ability to question and argue rationally and to encourage them to have a positive attitude to their learning.
  • To encourage in each child, courtesy and good manners, a respect for other people, their religions and cultures and to prepare children for life in our multicultural society.
  • To develop in each child a good command and understanding of the English Language, both written and spoken to facilitate effective communication and to encourage the enjoyment of reading.
  • To develop a sound knowledge and understanding of mathematical skills and the ability to use them in a variety of situations.
  • To teach a broad and balanced curriculum to provide children with  a range of experiences and to develop the skills necessary to continue their educational journey. 
  • To ensure that the special needs of children in our care are catered for as fully as possible, in accordance with current legislation.

School Mission

The mission of the school is to provide all children with the opportunity to achieve their potential academically, socially and physically in a caring and well-ordered environment where each child can thrive and develop a sense of responsibility and worth.

Equality Statement

Goffs Oak Primary & Nursery School is an equal opportunities school that seeks for all members of the school community to have equal access and equal opportunities to improve and progress in their learning.