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Goffs Oak Primary and Nursery School

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Gardening is a marvellous opportunity for our pupils to learn about different species of plants and vegetables and how together we can make them grow.  They nurture both the plants and each other through this activity as they learn to work as part of a team.  It supports a variety of senses, as they can feel the texture of the soil and smell the different scents of the sensory plants, along with developing physical strength and hand-eye co-ordination.

Making Way for Spring!

Year 6 worked hard to give the Confidence Corner and the area outside their classroom a fresh start.  Beds were cleared, soil turned and raked ready for their new planting ideas.  The shed has been organised, pots cleaned and ready to go! It was great to see the class engage with nature and enjoy the carrots and spring onions which they found!

Queen Elizabeth Rose

Today we planted a rose 🌹 to commemorate Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.  It has been placed with the tree which was donated from the Queen’s Canopy.  This is an area which is ‘work in progress.’ 

Our tree has been planted with pride. We are looking forward to developing the area around it, in order to create a memorial garden - an area for our school community to enjoy.

A Great Honour! We were delighted to meet the Lord Lieutenant Vos and claim our Hazel tree, a gift from Her Majesty The Queen.

Staking Sweetpeas

Strawberry plants

Grow Club

Thinning and potting out

Painting Pots for potting out